12 May 2009

Thing 47: Evaluation

Well, I have finished the More things on a Stick. I have to say that I liked the first round of 23 things on a stick a bit better than this addition. I think that I learned more on the first go but maybe that's because it was all new and this round was more of just additional points and features. There was a lot of things in this round that just didn't really apply to the library setting and I saw them as more of waste of time or something that I would do in my personal time not necessarily for work or on work time. I did, however, really like the economy thing. I think that this was very helpful in the current state of the economy and of my own life. I think that for personal reasons (I am getting married this weekend) I have had other things on my mind and have not really given some of the things my all. I have been in a hurry to finish towards the end and have been kinda doing the bare minimum to get it done. The ending definitely snuck up on me this time. I think that last time, I was a bit more excited and was very interested to do all of the things. This time, I forgot about it for awhile, or got sidetracked and I think that this may have slowed my determination and motivation. Overall, I think that this is an excellent program and its great to get the word out about new things on the internet and the new things that our patrons are interested in. It keeps us on top of things and better equipped to deal with any problems or questions that may arise.

11 May 2009

Thing 46: WebJunction Minnesota

The feature that I liked best about MN Webjunction was the everything under the Library Services tab. There were so many interesting and helpful hints and tips that can be implemented into our services here at our library. I especially liked the pieces on Adult Programming and how to do it on a low budget as well as the 25 more ways to serve older adults piece. Its quite easy to find information on how to create programming and get children into the door of the library but not nearly enough information on how to do the same for adults out there. At our library, we have been trying to create programming and incentives to get adults into the library and reading. Not all of them have been successful. I think that with the tips that were given in the materials found on webjunction, we could create something to draw them in and get them to keep coming back.
I am in the Certification Program and wouldn't mind seeing more information pertaining to the program or at least promoting the program. I think that its a great resource that is largely underused in our communities. I liked the information that was given in the different tabs on webjunction. They would help a lot with the homework that has to be done but I wouldn't mind seeing a Certification Program tab or just something about it on the website.

08 May 2009

Thing 45: Cloud Computing

I can see the point and why there is a need for such a service on the internet. It is a lot to carry one's own personal computer around with them and it is not always convenient to carry a flash drive or we don't always carry one with us. I could also see why it would not be beneficial. The internet is not the greatest and safest place to store your information. We all know that the internet may not always be working so to rely on that to store and safeguard your information isn't the smartest route. I personally do not really do any computing in "the cloud" other than emails and such. I do rely heavily on those to store important documents or information that I may need in an email. This for me is a "safe" place to keep it but I wouldn't be completely lost if this information were to disappear or if I were not able to access the internet to get it. I think that I would feel differently about this whole "cloud" thing if I were in school or in a setting that I would produce and need to handle a large number of documents or projects. I think that these applications definitely make sense for working on a group or collaborated projects.
I looked at the desktoptwo and the glidedigital websites. They looked cool but I was trying to find out more about them without having to sign up for their service. I would have liked a video or a tutorial on them to see what they offer.
I could see this thing as being a benefit to some people. I don't really see its benefit for the library or for myself.

Thing 44: The Economy

I LOVED this thing. It was great to see something that is very useful in our everyday lives and those of our patrons. I am getting married next week and we would like to buy a house this year. We are trying everything that we can to save money and to get rid of our debt. There were some great tips on the 75 frugal things website and I have been looking for a good coupon website for a long time now. I remember that there seemed to be more coupons available in the Sunday paper than there are now. I used to sit down with my brothers and we would clip coupons for an hour every week. I am glad to see the promotion of growing your own vegetables as well. If we get a house this year, I will be out there next summer with enough vegetables to feed a small army. I was very interested in the cashcrate.com and the potential for extra income that it promises. I liked the websites and videos explaining the financial crisis that we are in, there are too many people on the news blaming everyone else that I was never entirely positive on what actually happened. There isn't necessarily a website that I would like to share, but more of an idea. I think that along the Farmer's Market line, more people should invest in Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA). They offer a ton of local fruits and vegetables to their members throughout the summer at a VERY reasonable price. One near you can be found at localharvest.org. You can also find pick-your-own places on this website wher you can save some money and have some cheap entertainment doing so.

Thing 43: Online TV and Video

I have already been a huge fan of Hulu before this thing. I think that it is a great resource and it is used quite often in our library. Personally, I have DVR at home so I aleady have many of the options and services featured on Hulu. Unfortunately they do not have the daily episodes of Jeopardy on this website so I won't be getting rid of my cable and DVR anytime soon. I think that it has been helpful for other people and for our patrons who may not have cable or televisions at home to access their favorite shows for free in the library. I have always wondered about the copyright infringements and am curious as to how these websites are able to offer the shows free of charge and where they got the rights to do so. I think that with the economy the way that it has been, the free access to these shows has definitely hurt the cable and television companies. At the same time, you can also access news reports and everything else on other websites so it doesn't seem mush different. I think that it is a neat website but I don't see myself switching over to it anytime in the near future.

Thing 42: Music 2.0

I have used and continue to use Pandora.com on a regular basis. I have found that they are quite accurate with their similar artists and I enjoy the variety and mix that I get from them. I don't think that this internet radio is much of a threat to broadcasting because there are still many areas in the United States and throughout the world that do not have internet access. It is also a lot less expensive to buy a radio than it is to buy a computer and internet service. I do think that internet radio is having an effect on broadcasting just the same as the internet is having an effect on virtually everything. It is allowing and providing a more personalized and self-catered service that the broadcasting and other medias are trying to catch up with.
I also played around with the widget that I installed on my blog. I did not agree with the genres that they had tagged to some of their songs and stations. But overall, it was easy to use and easy to install on my blog.

Thing 41: Mashup your Life

I didn't like this thing very much. I like having my separate sites and having the ability to log into them on their own. I use my facebook and twitter sites for different purposes and have a different set of people that I am following or are friends with on either of the sites. I don't necessarily want this two sites to become one nor do I want some people from one to be included on my other site. I think that these are only efficient if you do a lot of instant messaging then this would be a way for you to streamline and do more messaging at once. I do not do instant messaging and do not really want everyone to know everything about me all the time. I will not use these in my everyday life nor do I think that they would be beneficial for the library. I think that something more along the lines of LibraryH3lp would work for the library better than these sites would.